Elizabeth Simoens

ElizabethI am a multi-disciplinary creative, though I mainly work as a game designer. I studied at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, and now hold a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Practice with a focus on Game Design. With a background in choreography and a passion for solving mysteries and battling orcs, I draw on a cornucopia of inspirations to create games and performances. I am an experienced and creative speaker, and I have delivered talks on topics such as the logistics of real-world video games, how to embrace chaos, or very rapid ballet history.

When not designing games and giving talks, I can be found… playing more games! Whether that is as the cast of These Flimsy Rituals¬†or possibly in battle at a larp. Or just playing video games on my Switch while I watch cartoons cuddling my adorable dog.

I can also be found in various dance studios, rock climbing gyms, and, occasionally, on stage. Once a performer, always a performer! I just tend to use that knowledge to give talks these days.