My Greatest Hits!

I’ve got quite a few shipped games under my belt now, varying from the small, simple projects led by ourselves that are created within a few weeks, to ones that span months of careful work and cooperation with large clients. I think over 20 but I’ve sort of lost count now.

In order to celebrate some of my favorite games, I’ve written this article that compiles my “Top Hits” as it were. 

First, one of the games that I’m proudest to have been the lead designer on: Eighty Days: A Real-World Adventure, a live-action take on the classic novel 80 Days Around the World by Jules Verne. Players took the role of adventurers who had just taken on the classic bet. They now only had an hour before their first train departed to quickly gather the tools they would need to succeed in the escapade! 

The only problem was they were skint! This meant they also had to earn money through a series of tasks provided by patrons in order to acquire the money they would need to buy their equipment. The game ended with an interactive-fiction playthrough of their voyage on their phones, where their decisions and equipment they’d “bought” through our app determined whether they succeeded or not (all while competing against the other teams). 

You can read the full write-up and the trailer here

Next up is my game: Quest for the Family Jewels. Although one of the smaller games on this list, this game will always hold a special place in my heart. Not just because it’s mostly focused on the players having to scour the British Museum for various testicle related objects (on Valentine’s Day), but also because I managed to come up with the concept, design and build it all within the span of a few weeks. All from me accidentally taking a dick pic of a classical Greek statue… 

You can read more, as well as see some of the more amazing pictures here

Are you a fan of the TV show Hunted? Because I am! That’s why when, in 2018, Endemol Shine contacted us to build a live-action version of the show, I was beyond thrilled! This was, at the time, one of our most high-profile games due to the subject matter. It also provided us (and me) with many large challenges. 

One of the biggest was how do you take the premise of the show that pits contestants in a month-long manhunt, and distill it down to an hour and a half long experience? There was also the factor that we were working with a large commercial entity that had their own interest and a large IP to maintain. These were all initially daunting challenges that would require a lot of work to figure out, but we were able to overcome them and produce one of our best-known works. 

To find out how we overcame these challenges in more detail, you can read the full details here.

One of the last (but by no means the least!) on this list, is Operation Survival. I’m a strong advocate for action against climate change, which is why I was over-the-moon when the University of Cambridge Museums contacted us wanting us to create an educational game all about that subject.

This game would prove to be a tough one to crack. It wasn’t just that the subject matter and the various stories I had to research that made it hard (I can only cry so much!), but how do you then make sure you keep a player engaged with it? If I found it hard to make, how would it be to play? 

In the end, I was able to overcome this (frankly huge) issue, and delivered the museum one of their most successful interactive experiences to date. 

You can read about how I managed this here

Beyond all this, I am part of the game team at Profound Decisions which is festival larp for over 2.5k players each event! I also occasionally install games within Rumpus, an indoor festival, which you can find out more about here.

That’s about it for now, thank you for taking the time to read about my work. Feel free to find me on twitter if you want to know any more about the games, I’d be happy to talk more about them!

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