Eighty Days: A Real-World Adventure

This summer we at Fire Hazard Games have created 80 Days: A Real World Adventure, an exciting game based on Jules Verne’s classic adventure novel. This is my latest game as Lead Game Designer and it was such a blast to create! The game propelled participants through busy Covent Garden as they frantically prepared for their trip around the world, finally ending up at Underbelly Festival Southbank which was the perfect location for this experience.

It’s hard to sum this game up in words, so I’ll let the trailer give you an idea of what the game is like.

Still want to know more? Check out my interviews about the game on BBC Radio London with Jo Good, Bakchormeeboy, and Love London Love Culture.

This game has also been very well received with theatre critics and I’ve done a little press round-up below so you don’t have to take my word for it!

Broadway World – 5 stars: One of the coolest feats in London… Marrying technology with concrete activities, 80 Days: A Real-World Adventure feels like playing a video-game in real life. 

View from the Cheap Seat – 5 stars: I genuinely can’t think of a better way to have spent a sunny Sunday afternoon. Boris Johnson may be elected PM tomorrow, We may No-Deal Brexit by the autumn. But in the meantime lovelies, go run around London like a loon trying to solve clues and win dice games. 

The Reviews Hub – 4.5 stars: This might be the most fun you have all summer. 

London City Nights – 4 stars: One of the most enjoyable workouts I’ve had in a long time 

The Crumb – 5 stars: Fire Hazard have created a thrilling, frantic and fun experience. 

The Prickle: The most impressive thing about this immersive, smartphone-based treasure hunt against the clock is the sheer number of choices you can make, all of which shape your experience. 

The Spy in the Stalls – 4 stars: An ingenious way to incentivise even the most jaded Londoner to open their eyes with renewed wonder, as they discover previously unnoticed gems that only a city like London keeps … Much kudos to Elizabeth Simoens (Lead Game Designer and Production Manager) and the whole creative team whose efforts and directing choices have positively paid off. 

London Theatre Reviews – 4 stars: An entertaining – and challenging – outdoor experience in the streets of our beautiful city 

The Stage – 4 stars: Playful and creative, with a clear emphasis on audience enjoyment 

From Page to Stage – 4 stars: Fun, energetic and wonderfully imaginative, 80 Days: A Real World Adventure is an entertaining workout not to be missed 

Soaked in Dreams – 5 stars: The cast and the game are charming, imaginative and inventive throughout 

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