Rumpus: Fools, Ghouls, and Jewels!

In association with London Games Festival, for one night, across seven rooms and 8 bewitching hours, the fantastical freakery that is Rumpus revels and roisters.

Be afraid, be very very afraid, for SeaSylph Games returns with an immersive live game stretching throughout the entire venue featuring YOU versus YOU! Will you join the Fools, are you a Ghoul, or are you a…. bloody hell, is that a Dragon?!

With a night of quests, plots, schemes, and hoarding you must decide whom to follow. Will you help the Lord of Misrule flummox the Cannibal Queen of the Ghouls? Or will you take her side instead? Or maybe your tastes are more sparkly, and… Scaly. Whosever side you choose, dress according to the team you follow: Fools, Ghouls or Jewels!

If you’re seeking adventure this Rumpus be on the look out for anyone wearing a bright exclamation point above their head. These characters will get you up to speed on the game, before dishing out a dastardly quest. Every quest you complete will earn you a reward, and take you a step closer to ultimately completing your faction’s storyline.

If you come dressed as a member of one of the three factions, they should readily accept you. However, this does not mean you have to stick with them. After all, who ever heard of a trustworthy Fool? Perhaps a Ghoul would rather sparkle with the Dragon’s horde than spend the rest of their life munching on human? The choice, ultimately, is yours.

(If costume isn’t your forte, don’t fret! You can still join in with the game! The Rumpus goal is a good time for all.

End Goals:

The Fools: Those who are truly foolish seek to gain admittance into the Lord of Misrule’s court. This is your one chance as he rarely arrives in person – now’s the time to make an impression!

The Ghouls: If you’re culinary tastes are a little more… unorthodox, then you want to ensure that the Queen knows who you are. Perhaps this is achieved by gaining her favour, or maybe by having the Cannibal Food Blogger name a new recipe after you?

The Dragon: For those who desire to dazzle and sparkle, there’s no better place than the Dragon’s horde. Your goal shall be to either serve the Dragon eternally as one of its valiant Knights – or be transformed into a radiant gem and truly become one with the horde.

These are only a handful of the goals you can achieve during the course of the night – but you’ll have to play to find out the others!

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