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SeaSylph Games is a gaming company that plays with the boundaries between interactive theatre and games. Created by Elizabeth Simoens, who holds an MFA in Creative Practice, each SeaSlyph Games experience is crafted to fit the environment it is staged in, and the needs of the players. The question, “what is fun about this?” remains the core principle in the development process. The logistics and mechanics of each game are beta tested to ensure that playing is fun, safe, easy and unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Past games and events include a series of Choose Your Own Adventure quests at Rumpus, parties that combine art, dance, music and theatre for crowds of over 1,300 people, and the Murder She Rolled series, which premiered at Dragonmeet Games Convention, London. From masterminding the Crap Comedy Club, which takes place at the most exclusive toilet cubicle in London Town, to developing immersive experiences for the Natural History Museum, SeaSylph Games seeks always to provoke that “they did WHAT?!’ moment from players and participants.

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