Rumpus: Glow

Rumpus: Glow! Tickets are nearly here

SeaSylph Games and Rumpus will ride again in a retro space-age, hypnotic neon game/party that is set to hit on April 7th! Are you ready to take on adventures and puzzles whilst dancing the night away? Will you find an operatic glow cloud? Will you best the dungeons made of pure light? Or will you simply bask in the glow of the gorgeous neon world around you and remember the simpler times of past futures?

We are about to release tickets here in just about 12 hours! They will hit the web on March 8th at noon and be ready because the last Rumpus event sold out in four days! If you want one of the cheaper bands then you should be sitting ready to grab your tickets as soon as they are released.

We have been working hard to bring the work of Susie Olczak, the Rumpus flair, and my live gaming expertise together to create an experience unlike any other. To add another challenge to the mix, I will be running the games all the way until Rumpus ends at 6am! There will be quests, mayhem, and puzzles galore! A host of NPCs will be there to invite you into this neon-filled world and guide you into an evening of play.

IF you survive until dawn there is a chance that we may all head out for a celebratory coffee, or maybe a Bloody Mary, in the morning after the party ends. Basically, be ready to play all night long and then hang out and grab brunch once we leave the venue. It will be a night to remember!

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