Missed Rumpus?

Did you miss last year’s Rumpus: Pick Your Own Misadventure? Are you curious what the event on April 7th is going to be like? Do you want to see what we created last year? Well I can help you. It was mayhem. We had zombies, unicorn hunters, some pilots, and a dash of barbarians to top it off. People were fighting for titles, having their fortunes read, and joining an underground panda rebellion.

We had people standing in line. Filling out forms in triplicate. They were even given licences. It was thrilling.

This not all! The Lord of Misrule was handing out tickets to the extremely exclusive Crap Comedy Club which graced one of the toilets that evening. He would not hand them out to anyone, mind you, only the most deserving.

Still don’t believe me? See for yourselves!

If you are interested in seeing what stories you may have experienced, why don’t you see what alternate-reality you would have been in the reality where you made it to Rumpus last year: http://rumpusparty.co.uk/misadventure/

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