Reflecting back and looking forward

It has been just over a year since I started working on Live Games in earnest. I had been researching the form and doing R&D at Trinity Laban, but it wasn’t until November of 2015 that I had my first public game commissioned. Here I am, 14 months later, with my MFA degree and a job, with my own personal projects still going strong.

Now that I have the new job, the degree, and SeaSylph, I am realizing that I need to focus my efforts as the MFA program is no longer doing that for me. In that vein, I have decided to set some goals for this year. The main focus for this year is to read, talk, and write. I am running at least two games a week for Fire Hazard Games and working on new games all the time. With this workload, I can only run a few SeaSylph events this year. You can still play my games, of course, just lookout for Rumpus during the London Games Festival in April, or Feral Vector in June, or Dragonmeet in December. I may add a few more throughout the year, but these will be my mainstays.

Beyond this, I hope to get my research out there in the form of talks and articles. It’s still early days for 2017 but I think I have found the right path.

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